November 02, 2017

Senator Malarndirri McCarthy has emerged as Katherine’s new champion.

In a week where the Katherine Town Council has made a unique plea to the Prime Minister for help, the Senator has been grilling Federal Government officials.

There is no doubting the sincerity behind the council’s letter to Malcolm Turnbull.

This PFAS issue is will beyond their abilities, and resources.

As we have already stated, it is well out of the NT Government’s league as well.

Local politicians, federal and state, despite their good intentions, have been mostly ineffectual.

Cue Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s amateur hour drinking of Katherine “come on in the water’s fine” water stunt.

Hence the plea direct to the PM.

But Senator McCarthy has made the most of the opportunities afforded her at estimates and other committee hearings to push for more answers than we’ve heard for some time.

Did Defence really know back in 2012 that Tindal was leaking poison?

That would be toxic indeed to the ears of anyone who bought property after then.

It is worth a little time looking back over the former journalist’s rise to attention.

Senator McCarthy was a former member of the NT Parliament and was chosen to replace Nova Peris on Labor’s NT Senate ticket.

Given several of the NT’s other more high profile federal MPs, of both political persuasions, are likely to pull the pin next time, around, the  Borroloola Senator’s star is definitely on the rise.

Well, it is here in Katherine this past few weeks anyway.

We have a lot of questions and there’s so much ducking and weaving it is difficult to get any answers.

Celebrating Prime Ministers always promise to govern on behalf of all the population, whether they vote for them of not.

Mr Turnbull, there might not be a lot of political points in it for you, but Katherine needs your help right now.

How many municipal councils raise the alarm with you directly. Not a lot we suspect.

Here’s one you might be able to fix – we don’t want to wait two years before our water treatment is fixed, how’s that.

It doesn’t seem too much to grant our town leader’s request for an audience at least.

Source: Katherine Times