Morrison Government is failing the NT

September 04, 2019

If CLP Senator Sam McMahon is serious about developing the north she must to join forces with us to get the Prime Minister to the NT now to see for himself the need for infrastructure investment by his Government.

Senator McMahon is quite right when she says there is a real need for investment in critical infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

That’s why we publicly called last week for Mr Morrison to spend time here and learn about the importance of projects such as the Shiplift facility, Kakadu, roads and water.

Senator McMahon needs to make sure her Government colleagues are serious about Darwin and the rest of the Territory and invest the critical funds.

So far, they’ve done a good job of ignoring the NT.

Senator McMahon should also be talking to communities such as Yuendumu, Robinson River, Minyerri and others about their water requirements.

The Liberal Governments have tried to wash their hands of community and homelands infrastructure requirements. But building with the bush isn’t just a job for the Territory Government.

We would be happy to work with the Senator to get the Prime Minister to the Territory, so he can see for himself the need to ensure we have the opportunities to develop with strategic infrastructure investment and get NAIF funds flowing to the NT.