26 June 2017

The Turnbull Government Budget treats Territorians with contempt and reveals their lack of plans and real commitment to developing the north.

Minister Nigel Scullion has failed to secure any real investment in Territory infrastructure and programs to mitigate the $1.17 billion in Commonwealth payments as a result of GST amendments.

There is nothing in this Budget that commits the Federal Government to working with the NT Government to build and develop our towns and regions.

There are no real funding commitments in this Budget to Close the Gap of Indigenous disadvantage. This is a disgrace. In fact, there is a decrease of $16 million in National Partnership for Remote Housing funding to the NT.

Instead of building on the Territory Governments commitment to remote Indigenous Housing under the Room to Breathe program the Turnbull Government has decreased funding under the National Partnership for Remote Housing funding to the NT by $16 million.

Despite Senator Scullions attempts to cover up cuts to Territory schools, under the Governments new schools package kids in the NT will be disadvantaged and real funding will go backwards.

And to add insult to injury, the Government is cutting back the Australian Electoral Commission in the NT by $8.4 million and shifting services to Queensland.

Its a Budget for millionaires and multinationals and leaves Territorians out in the cold.