26 June 2017

It is now clear that by continuing with its intent to pre-emptively terminate its shortwave transmission services across the Territory at the end of January that the ABC has totally ignores or disagreed the pleas of those Territorians who rely on the service.

They can't say that they have not heard these pleas, because they have had the voices of Territorians making them on their own programs.

The National Broadcaster has demonstrated it couldn't care less about concerns that have been expressed or for those that have expressed them and their request for this decision to be reconsidered and deferred.

We have now written twice to the General Manager of the ABC, Michelle Guthrie and apart from a very unsatisfactory discussion with management representatives, Ms Guthrie has not responded to our correspondence directly or otherwise tried to contact either of us to discuss the concerns that we have expressed on behalf of Territorians in the bush.

All that we have learnt as a result of voicing these concerns is that the original decision was taken without any effort to consult with those who rely on the shortwave services or to properly assess the impact on those whose voices are being ignored.

It is also noteworthy that at a time the Turnbull Government is self-flagellating over its need to listen to the voices of ordinary Australians we haven't heard a peep from them over this issue.

It is clear that they too while shedding crocodile tears about the need to listen, don't really care.

And those in the National Party who are shedding most of these tears have done absolutely diddly squat.

We again call on the ABC management and Board to finally do the right thing and heed the concerns of the voices they refuse to listen to and defer their decision to close the shortwave service to the bush and allow for a proper and thorough consultation with the current users of this service.

To do anything less will just confirm in the minds of many that the ABC is no better than its commercial competitors and couldn't care less about those Australians who can't access FM, AM or satellite services and for whom digital services are but a dream.

We will also be making a submission to a Senate Inquiry that is looking into a Bill that ironically aims to improve the ABC's focus on rural and regional audiences. There is no point to this if parts of the regional audience are unable to receive ABC transmissions.

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