14 February 2022

SUBJECT: Scott Morrisons appearance On 60 Minutes.

ALLISON LANGDON, HOST: Malarndirri just listening to Jenny Morrison last night. Do you think she could shift things for the Prime Minister? 

MALARNDIRRI MCCARTHY, LABOR SENATOR FOR THE NORTHERN TERRITORY: I thought it was important to be able to see what actually does go on and in the background in the life of the Prime Minister. I think there were a lot of things that were said that were probably good to hear and other things that were quite cringeworthy but it was an interesting session. 

LANGDON: Now when you say cringeworthy, I mean, it's one thing that comes to mind. I'm thinking, you're perhaps talking about the ukulele. 

MCCARTHY: Oh, that could be part of it. Yeah, there's probably quite a few, actually. 

LANGDON: Of course. But I do. And I'll ask, what did you make about her comments in regards to Grace Tame talking about the need for manners and respect? Because I think and just looking at the breakdown of feedback that we've seen a lot of people agree with her on that. 

MCCARTHY: Look, it was obviously a question that was going to be asked at some point, and it was interesting to hear Mrs. Morrison's reflections on that. I think, though, that we all know that there were greater issues at play here in terms of Grace Tame and the Prime Minister has never said anything in relation to a lot of the requests that she's had to see changes in our country around the issues impacting women and safety. 

LANGDON: Well, that's the issue is that the Scott’s got to overcome, this perceived issue he has with women. Malarndirri, that's going to be the thing that he has to overcome, isn't it this issue of how to get women to vote for him? 

MCCARTHY: Absolutely. We've seen that throughout the whole term, but not just women. You know, the questions around the bushfires and Hawaii, I thought, were quite important as well. There are so many people in those areas of New South Wales who are still suffering as a result of those bushfires, and we saw the results of that on the weekend with the by election. So I think that there is so much more here that Australians will be questioning the Prime Minister on and it won't be just about Grace Tame, smiling or not smiling at him. 

LANGDON: Well, that's it. I mean, we talk so much about the Canberra bubble, don't we? Malarndirri. And this is another point that Jenny Morrison made is that what the politicians and the press gallery have focussed on in Canberra is not what everyday Australians think. Does she have a point there? 

MCCARTHY: Absolutely. You know, let's talk about back home in the Northern Territory. We're still trying to get rapid antigen tests to our communities where COVID is just running amok. And, you know, if we're talking about an emergency, we're certainly needing that support in our communities up north. So, I think that, yes, you're right, there is this Canberra bubble that we seem to surround ourselves in. But I think Australians out there, when they go to vote, that's not what they're thinking about is no Canberra bubble. They want to bust this bubble.