16 October 2018


SUBJECTS: Its ok to be white motion.

ALEX BARWICK, PRESENTER ABC ALICE SPRINGS: Territory Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy is with us this afternoon, good afternoon.

SENATOR MALARNDIRRI MCCARTHY, SENATOR FOR THE NORTHERN TERRITORY: Good afternoon Alex and good afternoon to all your listeners.

BARWICK: Why dont you believe this was just an administrative error on the Governments behalf?

MCCARTHY: Well its clear it wasnt Alex. It was a very opportunistic occasion for the Government to on the one hand to feign ignorance that it said yes in supporting Pauline Hansons One Nation and then as soon as it doesnt look good for the people of Wentworth in the by-election or even on social media they decide to come in a change their minds.

BARWICK: Surely the speed with which the Government has tried to recommit the motion, they have been very upfront, Mathias Cormann has been very upfront taking responsibility shows that it really was just a mistake.

MCCARTHY: It wasnt speedy, thats the thing Alex. This took place 24 hours ago, and they had a few hours even after the motion yesterday afternoon to recognise the terrible mistake they had made in supporting white supremacist groups, that is what that was about.

BARWICK: I should ask you, Senator, did you know that when it was put to you in the Senate that this was a slogan used by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

MCCARTHY: Absolutely

BARWICK: Government Senators have been quick to say they deplore any form of racism, even after their misinterpreted motion; do you take them at their word now?

MCCARTHY: Well I certainly let them know in the Senate that taking them at their word now is not enough, what they needed to do is come out and actually condemn the motion which they still fail to do.

BARWICK: So do you still want to hear that condemnation come through?

MCCARTHY: Absolutely. That is what the people of Australia, that is certainly what First Nations People in particular, but also people of multicultural backgrounds and I think ordinary decent Australians just want to know that our country isnt about allowing this kind of divisive debate.

BARWICK: Alright, lets talk about Indigenous Australians, one right here, Jacinta Price she has a reasonably high profile and she is a Town Councillor but she has also put her hand up for the seat of Lingiari in the next Federal election. She has been out publicly today saying that she thinks it is ok for people to support this slogan. What do you make of her comments?

MCCARTHY: Well clearly she didnt get the message did she? I mean her own party in terms of the Country Liberals and certainly the Minister for Indigenous Affairs didnt inform her it was wrong. Hes come out now and apologised so theyre sending very mixed messages.

BARWICK: Alright she will be on the program shortly and we will also hear from her if she has changed her mind on this one. What do you think people around Australia will be taking away from this bizarre turn of events, supporting Pauline Hansons motion and completely condemning it within almost 24 hours?

MCCARTHY: Well I think the people of Australia are wondering who is running the country. Clearly, if the Government doesnt know what they are voting for, there are serious concerns about what the Government is actually doing in terms of determining decisions that impact all Australians.

BARWICK: Senator McCarthy we will leave it there this afternoon.

MCCARTHY: Thank you.