The Uluru climb will close: Sky News interview

22 August 2019

Malarndirri McCarthy interview with Matt Cunningham, Sky News

MATT CUNNINGHAM SKY NEWS: Now I caught up just a short time ago with the Northern Territory Senator Malarndirri McCarthy. Of course last month Senator McCarthy encouraged her to visit Uluru to speak to the local Anangu and get their perspective.

MALARNDIRRI MCCARTHY, NT SENATOR: Whats important here Matt is to recognise the climb is going to close. The close is going to happen in October, end of October and if Senator Hanson and others feels that this is something that they need to do, well obviously that's a very personal choice. What I would urge her to do is to make sure she is listening to the Anangu as they explain the importance of why they are closing the climb.

CUNNINGHAM: Senator Hanson has posted on Facebook that she will meet with the Anangu Traditional Owners in Central Australia. She also said that she met yesterday with the two sons of Traditional Owner Paddy Uluru.