Advancing Australian Multiculturalism

Election commitments made in 2016 campaign - Advancing Australian Multiculturalism

A Shorten Labor Government will renew investment in Australian multiculturalism, with $28.3 million of new funding to support social cohesion and economic inclusion.

Labor’s plan will ensure every new humanitarian migrant is given the best possible start to life in Australia.

Under a Shorten Labor Government, an Office for Multicultural Affairs will be created in the Australian Public Service to improve coordination, policy development, research and evaluation, and program management.

Labor will invest $11.3 million to fund capital works for settlement and community sector organisations. For too long, support for new and established migrant communities has occurred without the necessary infrastructure.

Labor will continue to listen and work with settlement and multicultural organisations who live and breathe support for new migrants, Labor has the right plan to ensure future citizens are given the support they need.