ABS Has No Strategy In Place For People Living Remotely And In Town Camps

August 17, 2017

A Senate Inquiry today into the marriage equality postal survey confirmed that the ABS has no strategy in place to ensure all Territorians are able to participate in the postal survey on marriage equality.

This despite stating in the ABS formal submission to the Inquiry that “the ABS will implement a number of inclusion strategies to ensure all eligible Australians have the opportunity to respond to the survey.”

When asked what these strategies would be Deputy Australian Statistician Palmer who appeared at the hearing was unable to identify a single workable plan that will see all Territorians able to vote.

“I can’t tell you what our inclusion strategy will be.” Jonathan Palmer, ABS.

The Federal Government’s postal survey is a waste of money and could have been resolved by the Parliament any day in the last two sitting weeks.

And it’s now clear the postal survey is clearly discriminatory. I will continue to question the ABS and the Turnbull Government about how they are going to ensure everyone eligible to vote actually does have the chance.

Territorians should still be enrolling to vote to ensure we have the best opportunity to participate and have our voices heard.

The money spent on this disasterous approach to marriage equality is the equivalent to 3.3 million visits to the GP, 1906 average teacher salaries and 5282 age pensions.

If Labor is elected, we will legislate for marriage equality in our first 100 days – because this is a job that Government can and should be doing.